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The Pastor’s Pen

I remember when the Disney movie “Frozen” first came out, and I remember when I first heard the movie’s hit song “Let It Go.” My first thought was: “That song isn’t going anywhere soon, and my daughter is going to sing it for the next decade!”

But seriously…”Let It Go” proves to be some pretty good theology at times. Last Sunday we talked about the need we have to give things that weigh us down over to God. We choose to carry around so many burdens, and the Lord stands ready with strong shoulders and the desire to take them from us.

What exactly is it that you have been carrying around? What is it you need to hand over to God? Have you become bitter or angry about something? Is there something going on in your life that seems impossible to get through?

When we read ranting and raving in the Psalms (especially 58 and 137), we get a clear picture of what exactly the Hebrews were trying to do. They were taking the things that were eating them up in life and simply giving them over to God. I don’t know about you, but I’ve found that God’s shoulders are much stronger than mine!

Looking forward, I want you to circle a date on your calendar: Sunday, November 12. That is the day we will celebrate the completion of our new Education Building. The building process has been a long one for us, and many people have made sacrifices and contributions so that the initial vision could become reality. If there was ever an accomplishment worth celebrating, this certainly is one!

We will have a ONE Service on November 12 at 10:30 a.m. The Connection will be at 9: 15 a.m. (in the old Fellowship Hall, NOT Wesley Hall) and Sunday School will be at 9:30 a.m. Then we will all head to the gym for a Thanksgiving Feast sponsored by our youth! I can think of no better way to celebrate our new building than to support this important fundraiser for our youth program!

Isn’t God good? So many wonderful things are happening in our church. New families have joined, our ministries are growing, and God is on the move!

See you Sunday!