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The Pastor’s Pen

I suppose any time a pastor preaches on giving and doesn’t get himself martyred is a win! This past Sunday in our Fall Discipleship Series focused on generosity, specifically to what level of generosity is the Lord calling each of us.

Our giving is part of our discipleship. I remember well the giving testimony of a former church member. She had grown up in the church, had been Methodist all of her life, and she was now a matriarch in the congregation. She relayed to me the experience of examining her giving to the church and becoming convicted upon realizing her cable bill was more than her annual offering!

Of course, that can happen so easily in life. We know the right thing to do, and we may even set out to do it. But somewhere along the way life happens and we get sidetracked and lose focus. I believe that is one reason God gave us the discipline of tithing—giving 10% of what we earn/are blessed with to the church for his work.

10% keeps us focused. It is a number that is easy to remember, and it’s an amount of money that is significant enough to let God (and us!) know that we take our relationship with him seriously. After all, it’s all God’s money anyway! We are merely stewards of his stuff.

Please remember, however, that it’s always more about the devotion than it is the dollar amount. If this is an area of discipleship that has been a challenge for you, then let me encourage you to let God meet you right where you are. Start your commitment this Sunday at your level of comfort and, with God’s help, grow your giving each year until you get to a tithe.

Trust me. You will be surprised how God blesses you and moves in your life when you make intentional steps to increase your generosity. My family tithes to our church, and we have been richly blessed with exactly what we need. No, not more money, but God has provided an abundance of blessings that include joy, peace, contentment, and a sense of purpose.

This Sunday is an important day for you, for me, and for our church. In each of our three worship services we will make financial commitments for our 2018 ministry plan. Will you pray about your giving? And will you join in the blessing?