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The Pastor’s Pen

Wow! What a Sunday!

Our service of consecration for the new Education Building was absolutely glorious. The music was moving, all of our speakers and leaders were inspiring, and the Spirit of the Living God was on the move! So many of you have sent a note confirming all of this, but let’s say it one more time: Wow! What a Sunday!

Yet once worship was over, the blessings just kept on coming. Our youth treated us to a fabulous Thanksgiving lunch. While the food was great and our young people served so well, they also gave us a tremendous gift. Whenever a community of faith breaks bread together, holy things happen. The joyful laughter and conversation around the many tables in the CLC were absolutely beautiful.

So as we head into Thanksgiving, I’m thankful for:
-a great new building that will help people grow their faith in Christ.
-youth who lead and serve and love their church.
-the many, many adults who lead our young people.
-the way the Holy Spirit is moving through ou  community of faith.

One more thing…

I have been astounded by the generosity of our congregation. To date we have received 146 commitments for our 2018 ministry plan. These total $771,460.00. Wow! Just Wow!

Thank you, thank you, thank you! God is really blessing our church. Over the next few weeks as we dine on turkey, dressing, and pumpkin pie, let us give thanks for how God is blessing our congregation. Know that I am thankful for you, and I am thankful that God saw fit to send me to be your pastor for this wonderful time in our church’s long history.