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The Pastor’s Pen

Oh, how I love Christmas! The lights, music, presents, food, and family time. I love it all!

But first there’s Advent.

Advent is an intentional time of spiritual preparation. We patiently wait for the Christmas festival to arrive, all the while seeking to draw closer to God. Advent is a time of hope and expectation. It’s a time to turn our hearts toward Christ as we wait to celebrate his birth.

These holy days are practiced during the four Sundays that precede the Birth of Christ, December 25. And so one way that you will be blessed this Advent is through our worship services. There will be great music, beautiful decorations, and a spirit of expectant hope as we wait for December 25 to arrive.

What can you do to transform these holidays into holy days?
-Come to worship every Sunday during Advent.
-Make sure you participate in the special services this time of year, especially the children’s musical the evening of December 10 and the Choir’s Cantata on the morning of December 17.
-Worship on Christmas Eve at either 4 p.m. or 6 p.m.
-Make room for God in your life through an increase in your prayer time.

But one more thing…

Christmastime is known as the Season of Giving. We give presents in remembrance of the great gift Christ gave to us—himself. I’m pleased to announce that a generous person has agreed to match our Christmas Eve offering up to $5,000 to go toward our new Education Building. What a great opportunity we have as a congregation to double our giving and really bless our church!

In the coming days you will receive a letter from me as well as a Christmas Giving envelope. In this Season of Giving, will you consider giving your church a Christmas gift, too? With the available match, giving has never been so tempting! If you can’t be at church on Christmas Eve, simply place your offering in the Christmas envelope and return it at any time. Or you can write “Christmas Offering” on your check, and our staff will know the intention of your generosity.

I’m excited about this opportunity to double our money and pay toward our Education Building. I’m excited about the coming Advent and Christmas Season. And I’m certainly excited and humbled to be your pastor!