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The Pastor’s Pen

We’ve been reading, writing, and learning about gratitude. The stories you’ve shared with me over the past few weeks have been quite inspiring. Gratitude leads us to faithfulness, and faithfulness leads us to wholeness.

Keep writing those notes. Keep going back to say “thank you.” Just as the one thankful leper in the Gospel of Luke, you will bless someone. You will also find that you are blessed as well. Why? Because gratitude changes us.

This Sunday is Communion Sunday in the life of our church. The bulk of the liturgy we share is known as “The Great Thanksgiving.” Two things are significant here. First, we remember what Christ has done for us, and we are thankful. Second, we celebrate Christ being present with us, and we are again thankful. Remember, gratitude leads to faithfulness.

Make sure you are with us in worship as we celebrate this holy sacrament. Have you ever thought of it as a thanksgiving meal? John Wesley, the founder of the Methodist movement, felt that communion was a “converting ordinance.” What he meant was that when we come forward to receive the bread and the juice, Christ is present with us in a powerful way and transformation can indeed happen. Remember, gratitude leads to faithfulness.

So this Sunday morning, meditate on the words of “The Great Thanksgiving” in a special way. Think of what Christ has done for you. Think of what he is currently doing for you. Remember that he is with us as we come together to receive holy communion.

And as we give thanks together, let this holy meal transform you. See you Sunday!