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The Pastor’s Pen

Our community of faith is blessed with wonderful facilities. We have a beautiful sanctuary, wonderful fellowship spaces, and educational space that would rival that of any church. I am appreciative of how our Trustees, church staff, and volunteers work to keep our facilities looking great and in good working order.

We also are blessed to have a gymnasium that is used for many purposes: worship, fellowship dinners, youth activities, special events, and recreation. Many times young people would like to come and play basketball. We are certainly glad to have people use our facilities in ways that foster recreation and promote good health.

However, anytime minors are using any of our church facilities, there must be parental supervision. The safety and liability reasons for this policy are obvious. The well-being and safety of our church members and associates is of paramount importance.

Please make sure that ALL requests for gym use are made through the church office during normal working hours. Our staff will be glad to provide a parent with a key to the gym as well as guidelines concerning the use of the facility. Please do NOT call church staff after office hours to request the use of the gym.

Additionally, please make sure that NONE of the equipment on the gym’s stage is used or tampered with. This is highly technical and sophisticated sound equipment that is used for worship on Sunday mornings. There have been many instances of chords being unplugged, equipment moved or misplaced, etc. This creates quite a problem when our worship band arrives to practice or lead a Sunday morning service.

Please be understanding of the limits that must be placed on the use of our facilities. Our Board of Trustees and church staff want to insure the safety of all as our church continues to be used to the glory of God.