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The Pastor’s Pen

Yep, I was serious this past Sunday morning!

We will be launching discipleship groups in the fall, and I really want you to prayerfully consider this great opportunity for spiritual growth. We will meet about 12 times in both the fall and spring semesters with each meeting revolving around the reading and work done the previous week.

This is not a come and go opportunity. A commitment is required, and each participant—pastor included—will sign a covenant to faithfully attend the classes and stay current on the assigned reading and work.

I know this opportunity will bless us and help us grow in our discipleship. The book that will guide our work is Greg Ogden’s “Discipleship Essentials.” It is a methodical and comprehensive approach to Christian discipleship. Please consider this wonderful opportunity to take a deep dive into your relationship with God.

On another note, Thomas Toole’s CDs have sold out! However, he said he will restock the supply in the church today so that people can continue to purchase and enjoy his music. You can also buy his new album, “Upside Down Kingdom,” on I-Tunes and other digital vendors.

People continue to give generously to our Education Building. While we have changed our reporting on the back of the newsletter to show the amount owed, we will only be updating monthly after a loan payment is made. Any donations received in addition to our regular payment will further reduce the principal on the loan. Thank you so much for your generosity!