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The Pastor’s Pen

What a glorious Sunday we shared just a few days ago! A baccalaureate service is always special, but this year’s was especially so. The music was perfect, the graduates were engaged during our time of worship, and the celebration brunch was scrumptious. I want to thank everyone who played a part in making last Sunday great not only for our graduates but for our entire community of faith as well.

Graduating high school is indeed a milestone. As a church family, let’s remember a few important things.
1.Our graduates will need our prayers. Pray for our young people as they make this transition to college. Pray that this is a time of joy and growth. Pray specifically that these four years of learning will prove to be a time in which their faith is strengthened.
2.Stay in touch. Write them a note this fall or send them an encouraging text. Let our graduates know that they remain an important part of our faith community. When you are away from home for the first time, a kind, hand-written note can mean the world.
3.Consider adopting one of our college students as a prayer partner. Contact Thomas Toole about this wonderful opportunity. Not only will one of our college students be blessed, but so will you.

Graduating high school signals a new start. New GPAs begin to accumulate, new friends are made, and new subjects begin to be mastered. But when we live in Christ, each day is a new start. Thomas Chisholm hit the nail on the head in his hymn “Great Is Thy Faithfulness”: “Great is thy faithfulness! Great is thy faithfulness! Morning by morning new mercies I see.”

How has today been a new beginning for you? For what do you wish to thank God today?

Know that God is faithful. Know that he is always, always good. He will be with our graduating seniors all through this new journey they are soon to begin. Indeed, he will be with them throughout life. Every moment. Every day.

And this promise is not only for them, but it is for you as well. See you Sunday!