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The Pastor’s Pen

Summertime is “the growing season.” The warm weather combined with an appropriate amount of rain or watering makes for great lawns, gardens, and crops.  When I served in the Delta, you could almost hear the corn grow this time of year!

Maybe summertime can be a growing season for disciples, too. Have you considered doing some spiritual reading this summer? Pick out a book or two and have at it, knowing that if you choose good seed it may well sprout and grow in your soul! Want some recommendations? Check out cokesbury.com or seedbed.com.

I’ll be taking some time off in July to travel with my family to Western North Carolina. It’s perhaps my favorite place on the entire planet, and I look forward to a time of relaxation and RE-creation with my family. I’m most appreciative of our Staff-Parish Relations Committee who has really pushed me to be more responsible in the area of self-care.

Our youth will also be travelling to Western North Carolina soon. They leave for their annual retreat to Lake Junaluska on Sunday and return on Thursday, June 5. Please pray for safe travels and a deeply meaningful time of worship and growth. These M28 Camps have really made significant spiritual impacts on the lives of many young people. Thank you to everyone who has supported our youth ministry through tithes and offerings as well as special donations to make sure every youth has a chance to attend M28.

One more thing…

I encourage you to take a look inside the chapel the next time you are at church. The windows have been installed and are beautiful. I would like to thank everyone who had a role in making this project come to fruition, but I’d especially like to thank the quarterback for this effort, Gracie Jackson. Gracie spent untold hours in meetings and on the phone to help make the chapel project happen. Thank you!

Know that I hope to see you Sunday. We’ll gather around the Christ’s table at his invitation. Remember that we Methodists have an open table, so the Lord encourages us to bring friends to this meal!