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The Pastor’s Pen

Wednesday nights are back in session! I hope that you will jump in with both feet and get involved in the life of the church!

I had a wonderful visit with one of our homebound members this week, and there are two takeaways from this holy time that I’d like to share with you. First, I showed her how to use her I-pad (with which she’s very proficient!) to watch our Sunday morning service. She was delighted that she’ll now be able to connect to her community of faith in worship. So, if you know someone who can’t make it to church regularly because of health concerns, please show them how to access our service via fumcnewalbany.com. It’s very easy to do!

Secondly, as I left my friend’s home, it occurred to me that as I go to give grace, most of the time I leave as the one who was blessed. Her laughter and wit always make me smile. If you want to get involved in a really meaningful ministry, call Jill Shaw and ask about being part of our visitation program to homebound members. You will be blessed!

Each fall I like to preach a discipleship series during worship. I find the back-to-school time is a good period for us to reflect on the basics and what matters most in our church. Certainly, making and growing disciples is not just one goal in our church, it’s our entire mission.

On August 26 we will begin our “Committed to Christ” series. I trust that it will be a deep time of renewal and re-commitment to the basics of discipleship. Are you ready to follow Jesus more closely in your daily walk? My prayer is that as a community of faith we will answer that question with a resounding “YES!”

I hope to see you Sunday if not before!