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The Pastor’s Pen

It’s really getting busy around our church. I thought this would be a good time for me to tell you about some things that really excite me.

Youth and Children’s Ministry—I have been sticking my head in various Sunday School classes over the past two months. One thing that has become very clear to me is that we have amazing teachers. Without exception, each and every class has a loving adult who is pouring their life into our children as they teach them about Jesus and God’s Word. These teachers are such an inspiration to me and a gift to our church!

Also, I attended a youth parent meeting this past Sunday evening and was pleased to see so many parents. They were not only present but engaged. Bro. Greg and Mary Beth did a wonderful job in explaining how Sunday nights are being reshaped into something that I believe will be incredible. At the close of the meeting, the sign-up tables were full of people looking for opportunities to serve. I sensed a real closeness among this group.

Which leads me to the next thing about our church that excites me…

Warmth—I know it’s not particularly common to seek warmth during a Mississippi summer, but over the past two months I have experienced a great deal of it. Your love for one another, the way I have seen you welcome newcomers, and your willingness to be in ministry to our community—all these indicate a hospitality and openness that is nothing short of amazing.

We have a wonderful community of faith. One person, who has been a member for about five years, told me that our church “is the best kept secret” around. That’s true—we don’t often tell our story very well. So receive this encouragement: We have everything we need to make more and stronger disciples of Jesus Christ. The question we must ask becomes: Who will I invite this week to join me on this journey?