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The Pastor’s Pen

Last Sunday we talked about the importance of reading the Bible. The holy scriptures are a great gift to us from God and provide a foundation as we seek to live the life of a disciple every single day. God’s Word can be a centering point for us in our daily walk.

If we read it.

It’s true that there are so many things in life that compete for our attention. T.V. shows, ball games, and any number of entertainment options bid us to watch! And some of them may even be good for us. I personally believe that watching a good baseball game can be good for the soul!

Yet it’s also true that it’s the good that oftentimes keeps us from the best. When our schedules are too busy and our entertainment is so frequent that time for God is pushed to the side, we are simply too busy and too entertained. I might spend time watching baseball, which in my mind is a pretty good idea. But if I do so too often I keep myself from the best thing possible: time with God.

Imagine another future for yourself. What if you spent five minutes per day this next month reading scripture? Then let’s suppose you increased your amount of reading to 10 minutes per day for months 2-6, and for the rest of the year you read the Bible for 20 minutes each and every day. Would you notice any difference in your life? I dare you to try it!

I’ve received many responses about the idea of forming an on-line group that reads through the Bible in one year. I think we will start in January, and I’m leaning toward using a one-year, chronological Bible that will give us further context as to what we are reading. This opportunity could very well be a great blessing to you, so if you are interested,  please let me know!

Our conversations on the importance of God’s Word have been inspiring. What will we talk about this Sunday? What is another thing that disciples of Jesus Christ do? Come and see!