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The Pastor’s Pen

Things are going strong at FUMC:  church picnic; large and fruitful Bible studies on Wednesday nights and Thursday mornings; activities for youth and children; mission projects; and Brother Tim’s growth-inspiring sermon series on discipleship.  What a great time to be Methodist!

I am excited to announce a new opportunity for growth with the initiation of our long awaited small group ministry. As in the apostolic church and the early Wesleyan movement, small groups have the purpose of providing a spiritually intimate setting in which we can “work out our salvation”(Phil. 2:12). The essentials for this are: prayer for each other; study of and meditation on the Scriptures; mutual accountability (Christianity is always personal, but can never be private” anon.); and spiritual support for the living out of life (“ Bear ye one another’s burdens and so fulfill the law of Christ” Gal. 6:2).

These groups will be lay lead. Those who are willing to lead will form the groups. The church has invested in resources to get groups started. All the teaching is on DVD so that anyone can lead.  Leaders’ guides and DVDs will be widely available to pick up. As groups form, staff will assist leaders in obtaining group materials. When the original materials are completed, groups can choose a format that best suits their needs and tastes; more on that later.

Ponder your current practices for spiritual growth.  Prayerfully consider whether it is God’s desire for you to participate in a small group or perhaps to lead one. If you are willing to lead, pick up the literature in my office and get started. If you desire to participate as a member, contact me at 662-538-2065. I believe this ministry will be a blessing to all ages and stages of spiritual growth.

In Christ’s love,