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The Pastor’s Pen

We finished our Fall Discipleship Series this past Sunday by talking about service. Service is just as vital to the Christian life as any other topic we’ve discussed. Disciples of Jesus Christ serve others!

It occurred to me last week that Jesus gave us service as an antidote to much of what’s wrong in the world. You’ll recall the story of the disciples all wanting to be first when Jesus comes into his Kingdom. Jesus is clear: The first will be last; If you want to be great you had better learn to serve; The Son of Man came not to be served but to serve.

Sometimes we are like the disciples in the story. Perhaps you find yourself with a need to be right. Perhaps you are struggling through a period of being overly critical. Complaining, criticizing, and always wanting to be right will sap every bit of good energy right out of us.

Enter the invitation to serve. What if we took Jesus up on his offer? What if we all began placing others above ourselves and began to adopt a servant’s disposition? It might just change how we view virtually everything around us.

Want to serve? Here are some tangible ways you can serve in our church right now:

Thomas needs male small-group leaders. The need is urgent, and the fruit is ready for harvest. We have many young men coming to our youth programs, but we do not have enough adult male leaders to minister to them. Want to serve? Call Thomas.

Judy and Martha need help in the office. After many years of service, Mrs. Lila Stewart has retired from her volunteer position. Mrs. Lila did it all—answered phones, mailed letters, etc. Maybe God is calling you to continue Lila’s wonderful work. Call the office..

Our playground is still not complete. If you would like to quarterback this project to completion, please call me ASAP.

We are blessed with wonderful facilities. They are beautiful and historic, but they always have needs. When you see something dirty, clean it. If you see something broken, repair or discard it. If you ever have a question about helping maintain our property, ask.

Every Sunday morning, we put out about 120 chairs for our Embrace service, and Mike Carter and Larry Shaw set up almost all of them. They also play in the praise band. We have plenty of folks that could assist with this ministry. Just give me a call to get involved.

What  else can you do? Teach the children, teach adults, make coffee, turn off lights, adjust the thermostats, dispose of dead insects, dispose of live insects, pick up litter on our grounds, become a greeter on Sunday morning, lead a small group, serve food on Wednesday nights, pick up and move tables and chairs, water plants, join the altar guild, etc. etc.  I wonder if serving could be just what your soul needs? I dare you to try!