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The Pastor’s Pen

The Blessing of the Animals was a great success! Around 30 dogs along with one cat were blessed. There were no dog fights, and most of the animals greeted the pastors with grace. There was good fellowship among the animals and humans, and we raised $375 for the Union County Humane Society. Let’s keep this as part of our annual calendar!

This Sunday will be a special one. First, we will observe Children’s Sabbath at our 11 a.m. service. While I will be preaching, the children will be leading almost every part of the worship service. This is always a day that warms my heart. Watching our children pray and lead liturgy is a sign that God is moving among us as a new generation of United Methodists is being raised in the Christian faith. Make sure you are here this Sunday to support our children!

Yet, something else that’s big is happening at all three services as this Sunday is also Commitment Sunday. Have you looked over the stewardship materials that were mailed a few weeks ago? Please be in prayer about the ways you wish to serve, and please pray about your 2019 financial commitment to the church.

We are experiencing a time of great blessing in our church. We’ve seen new families join our church this year, enjoyed thriving youth and children’s programs, and our worship attendance has remained strong. However, none of this happens without commitment members.

Will you commit? Will you let your church know how you would like to serve next year? Will you bless your community of faith with a financial commitment for 2019?

I pray you will join me this Sunday in saying, “Yes!”