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The Pastor’s Pen

Well, we had a bumper crop this past Sunday! The 11 a.m. service was particularly full due to Boy Scout Sunday. Congratulations are in order for our five new Eagle Scouts—Luke Bolen, Lewis Creekmore, John MacGregor Davis, Eli Parks, and Tucker Shannon. What a great accomplishment!

This weekend is Labor Day Weekend. As you take a break from work on Monday, remember that work is a holy venture. We were created by God to be fellow laborers, doing the very work of God in our community. It doesn’t matter whether one is a doctor, lawyer, butcher, baker, or candlestick-maker, we can all find meaning in our work and make the world a better place in some small way. Even our yard work and simple home repairs can be seen as gifts from God, holy opportunities to create and care.

Also be mindful that many in our church and community will be working on Labor Day. As it is with every holiday, hospitals, firehouses, and police stations must remain open. While we are resting, these men and women are working, and their work helps to make our communities great places to live. Let’s make sure we show them our appreciation.

Work is holy. May you sense the presence of God in all you do.