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The Pastor’s Pen

On Tuesday morning, Caroline woke up excited. “It snowed!” was the call to celebration that I heard from the other room. Of course, I was still a little groggy, hoping to enjoy another few taps on the snooze button. And, of course, Caroline did not see snow. What she saw was a tremendously thick and beautiful frost.

When I finally looked out the window, I was stunned. When I drove down the street, I was stunned. Stunned by beauty. Looking up in the trees gave the appearance of a winter wonderland. It was such a beautiful sight!

This Sunday I want you to be stunned by beauty as our choir blesses us with their annual Christmas Cantata. Remember: we will only have ONE service at 10:30 a.m. This will truly be a wonderful time of worship and a deep time of blessing for us. Please let me give you three reasons to come this Sunday.

  1. You will be blessed–Music is one of the most powerful movers of our souls, and Christmas music speaks to us in a special way. Come worship the Lord and have our choir and orchestra get you in the Christmas spirit!
  2. The choir deserves our support–They practice this music for months and months, putting in untold hours of work. Mary Beth, Martha Frances, and all of our choir members deserve our encouragement as well as our presence. When they walk into the sanctuary to bless us with their voices and instruments, my prayer is that the sanctuary is packed. Uncomfortably packed! Let’s show our choir that we appreciate all they do for our community of faith!
  3. Jesus will be pleased–Any time we come to worship, Jesus is indeed pleased with us. However, it seems to me that God must take special delight (just as we do!) when we gather for the holy days of the Christian year. Christmas is one of those times we feel especially close to God. Know that when you come this Sunday, God will delight in your presence. That’s reason enough!

So come this Sunday and be stunned by beauty. The voices, piano, organ, and strings will surely do exactly that to us all. See you Sunday!