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The Pastor’s Pen

We are in the Season of Wow! That’s the only way to describe Advent and Christmas. Need some proof?

Last Sunday’s Christmas Cantata neared perfection in my estimation. The singing, piano, and orchestra really brought the meaning of Christmas to life for us. To the choir: thank you so much for all the hard work that you put in over the last several months. You really left us with a “wow” moment.

Our K-6th grade Sunday School classes went to Dogwood this past Sunday to sing and visit with the residents. I can’t imagine what a treat this was for everyone involved. What a great way to share the love of Christ during this holy season. More “wow!”

Our youth group had their annual Progressive Christmas Dinner on Sunday as well. After the Buzzy Clayton SS Class party, I was able to make two of the three stops. I’m always impressed with our young people. They are mature and kind to one another, and they really have a hunger to grow in the relationship with Christ. It was a joy to visit briefly with them, and my time at the dessert stop made me think, “Wow. We are really lucky as a church to have kids like this!”

But the biggest “wow” during this Advent season is the story of Christmas itself. Imagine: God coming to us to do what we could never ever do for ourselves. Imagine: God sending his own Son to us to be born in a cow stall. Imagine: God’s very Son dying on the cross for us, saving us from our sin. Wow.

During this Season of Wow be blessed with peace and joy. I’d like to personally invite you to our Christmas Eve Services (4:00 and 6:00 p.m.). We will hear the Christmas story. We will sing carols. We will experience the “wow” of Christmas.