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The Pastor’s Post

This first year serving as Youth Minister here at FUMC has been both a joy and a challenge! I am truly appreciative of the love and support this church family has shown to the youth and to me and we are beginning now to enjoy a summertime full of activities. On Wednesday afternoons and evenings, the youth will be engaged in fellowship at various locations, ranging from bowling to swimming.

The week of July 1-5, a large group of youth will be attending the M28 Camp at Camp Junaluska, North Carolina. This is always such an inspirational event and the benefits of worship there will be treasured for a lifetime.

We are fortunate this summer to have employed the assistance of an intern who has plans to enter the ministry. Thomas Allen Gatlin, “TAG” to his friends, will be a junior this year at Mississippi College. He has already been a valuable asset and has shown leadership abilities in small group and worship settings. His home is Oxford, but he has family in McComb, & we already know he will be a welcome addition to any church family.

Because it’s summertime, this church is abuzz with the laughter of children and the joy of nuptials! There is so much going on that everyone can find a place to belong!

If you don’t belong to a Sunday School, you are missing out on fellowship and study with fellow Christians . There are Bible studies available for everyone, discipleship series participation, and always somewhere you can volunteer & something you can do.

This next week will be a mission-filled endeavor to instill the love of Christ in some young children who might not yet have been exposed to it. In an attempt to fulfill the dreams of the late Peggy Smallwood, Camp SonShine will hopefully show these youngsters that following the example of Jesus does not hamper the ability to partake in fun activities and live life to its fullest.

The youth of FUMC and I are appreciative to this church family for the many blessings that have been showered on us already this year and we look forward to another glorious year! Thank you!!!

Love in Christ,