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Blue Newsletter for August 10, 2022

Church Letter 8-11-22 MALEF

PLEASE READ.  There is an important message from Mike Alef, Administrative Council Chairman and Tom Potter, Senior Pastor.

AUGUST 11th, 2022

8:30 – Mother’s Day Out

10:00 – Ladies Bible Study

2022 Confirmation Class

Shannon Potter

The Boatright Family (Phil, Prentis, Caroline & Meg)

Mark McElroy

Clyde Parks

Our Church Calendar provides information about what, when and where events are happening in the church such as the Ladies Bible Study, Yoga Class, Mother’s Day Out and more.

Please call the church office for more information regarding the Girl Scouts & Boy Scouts troops.

There are sign-up forms available for dinner reservations, ordering Tom’s devotional book, being a volunteer for various activities and other areas.

Our Blue Newsletter will be published on a weekly basis starting August 10th.

Available through paper delivery to your mailbox, by e-mail or on our social media (Facebook & website).

Deadline for notices is Noon on Monday the week prior to publication.

– AND –

August 2022 Birthday-Anniversary

You may view the official 2020 Church Directory online by clicking on this link: http://www.theportraitcafe.com/churchdirectories

This is a password protected website, so contact the church office if you need the 4-digit password.

Please be in prayer for our church leaders as we go forward and make important decisions for the future.

Be in prayer for our country.

Be in prayer for the world around us.

Be in prayer for those in our church who have illness.

Copies of the Upper Room are available *Free of Charge* and are located in the CLC and outside the Sanctuary.


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